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"If you're identified as a Safe-Tier™ business - take the meeting. You'll know in the first 30 seconds that this is an entirely different level of specialty insurance expertise... you'll save money and get an education in work comp."

Mike Betzold, CEO, Better Living


By aligning pre-qualified companies that have superior risk and safety standards with insurance underwriters who value them, Insurate has established a new category in work comp underwriting: Safe-Tier™


Tested by history

By deeply analyzing historical rate and work comp claim patterns using machine learning and predictive models, we’ve identified trends and critical factors influencing the safety performance of individual companies.

Insurate Safety Index

We weigh those factors against data specific to each organization to establish an Insurate Safety Index score that estimates a company’s work comp risk profile both now and in the future.

Safe-Tier™ Selection

Insurate Safety Index scores are then organized by NCCI industry codes per geographic region, and the top 30-35% are selected for pre-negotiated Safe-Tier™ pricing through Insurate’s national underwriter partners.

Underwriter Matching

Safe-Tier™ candidates are then filtered through Insurate’s matching algorithms to identify the top national underwriters who have the strongest demand for their specific industry and geography.

Insurate Savings

Insurate contacts Safe-Tier™ companies with pre-negotiated work comp quotes for consideration. Quotes are exclusive to Insurate and Insurate’s national underwriter partners.