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Insurate is a leading insurance technology provider that leverages data science and analytics to identify businesses that are significantly safer than the industry average. And since safe businesses with fewer potential claims are less expensive to insure, we match these Safe-Tier™ businesses with deeply discounted rates from Liberty Mutual, Markel and other leading work comp underwriters. The result is a win-win where Insurate Safe-Tier™ companies save up to 50% off work comp, and Insurate underwriter partners insure businesses that make safety a priority.

We Make Work Comp Competitive

Workers’ Compensation insurance has remained almost unchanged for over 90 years with pricing established by job code and historical averages versus actual day-to-day operations. We formed Insurate to reward industrial companies with better-than-average safety practices with exclusive rates that we call Safe-Tier™ which average 30%-50% below the old industry standard.

Safety Saves

It’s a universal truth. It’s also the motivation behind Insurate and our machine learning platform that matches safety-focused businesses with preferred work comp pricing from major underwriters. And instead of the typical “set and forget” approach to your policy, the Insurate platform’s monitoring engine tracks the market and guides you to your optimal rate – both now and in the future.

Matchmaking Matters

We work with the industry’s major work comp underwriters to understand their dynamic appetite for your specific industry, geography and risk profile. They reward us with exclusive Insurate Safe-Tier™ pricing, and we reward them with businesses that are serious about employee safety and controlling risk.

Work Comp is Work Comp is Work Comp

Did you know the US government dictates that all work comp policies are identical to ensure consistent employee protection across the country? It’s a fact. Workers’ compensation is the only business insurance that is the exact same regardless of who provides your policy. We build on that foundation with programs that honor your commitment to employees and compliance.


With current workers’ compensation insurance, safety-focused businesses that have fewer injury claims end up subsidizing their industry peers – by paying unfairly high work comp premiums. The system was designed to balance companies into general pools of risk, but unfortunately, the rule of averages applies – the safest tier of businesses end up supporting the claims of their less-safe counterparts.

Understandably, businesses that work hard to maintain a culture of safety don’t believe this is fair… and neither do we.

At Insurate, we align pre-qualified companies that have superior risk and safety standards with insurance underwriters who value them, and in the process have established a new tier in work comp underwriting. With Insurate’s Safe-Tier™ pricing, select companies are guaranteed the lowest available rate in a marketplace where insurance companies compete to underwrite low-risk businesses. And since the large insurance companies “appetite” to underwrite work comp policies changes each year depending on deployed capital or loss ratios in certain industries or geographies, Insurate dynamically “matches” businesses with the insurers who are seeking their specific profile and are therefore most aggressive on pricing.

It’s that simple. And it’s not.

Being the matchmaker of work comp may appear straight forward in practice, but under the covers there is quite a bit of technology required to identify safe organizations and match them to the right underwriter based on variable demand and pricing.